Pursuing Ph.D. in Yoga

Stretch out: Yoga does wonders for your health.

Stretch out: Yoga does wonders for your health.   | Photo Credit: — Photo: K. Ananthan

Yoga is regaining its lustre. Though its ultimate goal is to help individuals attain enlightenment, these days it enjoys a prominent status among the various relaxation techniques and therapeutic practices.

Yoga helps in overcoming stress and tension, removing negative blocks in mind, relaxing and strengthening muscles, cleansing of body, enhancing flexibility of body, attaining mental and physical equilibrium, increasing self-awareness, and developing concentration.

It enhances the immune, digestive, respiratory and cardiovascular systems and core strength. Daily practice of yoga reenergises the person, improves his emotional state, and gets him ready to face the day’s challenges. People who practice yoga have great control over their body and mind.

No fuss

Yoga is an excellent option for those trying to shed weight. It even helps in looking healthy and young. The best part of it is that simple forms of yoga do not require special equipment or strict timings to practice them. Also, one need not spend much to learn it. It does not enforce many restrictions on food, habits or activities though it does preach the importance of controlled living.

The therapeutic applications of yoga are numerous. It is used to cure coronary diseases, back ache, cervical spondylitis, frozen shoulder, bronchial asthma, dyspepsia, osteoarthritis, hyperacidity, ulcer, rheumatoid arthritis, degenerative diseases, various skin problems, psoriasis, bleeding, piles, constipation, kidney problems and diabetes.

This is recognised as an alternative form of medicine. Several institutes offer it as a bachelor’s degree along with naturopathy (BYNS), which entitles you to call yourself a doctor. Yoga has cured many chronic diseases, which the other forms of medicines have failed to cure.

There are many other courses in yoga offered at different levels and by various institutes. These courses provide a fair knowledge on how to practice yoga. They also teach to use it for some specific purposes.

However, academic programmes impart not only the practical knowledge of it but also teach the science behind it. These courses are designed around anatomy, asanas and meditation and can include study of religious texts, Sanskrit, music, yoga as therapy and other practical uses of yoga.

Higher courses

Short-term courses teach simple asanas and their uses. These are generally taken up by people who wish to learn yoga to practice it everyday.

Higher courses enable the students to pursue a career in areas like teaching, therapy and rehabilitation linked with the science.

There are also courses specifically for doctors and other personnel in the medical profession that allow them to offer more help to their patients.


Dr. Hari Singh Gour University, Sagar, Madhya Pradesh, offers Ph.D. in Yoga. The eligibility criterion is M.A. with Diploma in Yoga. The course can be completed in 2-5 years.

For details, log on to >

SVYASA University, Bangalore, also offers Ph.D. in Yoga (both residential and non-residential). The eligibility is M.Sc. in Yoga or M.Sc./ M.Com/ B.E./ BAMS/ BHMS/ BSMS/ MBBS with at least 55 per cent marks.

According to the university, the objective of the Ph.D. programme is to unearth the secrets of yoga and spiritual lore and study its usefulness and efficacy for modern man through rigorous theoretical and experimental research in various fields of modern science, management, education, , economics, jurisprudence, and sports.

The selection is based on the information given in the application form, teaching and research experience and the synopsis of the proposed research and performance at interview.

The university also offers several short-term and long-term courses including B.Sc Yoga, M.Sc Yoga and M.D. Yoga and Rehabilitation. For details, log on to >

Apart from educational institutions, training institutes, rehabilitation centres and medical facilities, professionals in yoga can find employment as a yoga trainer in any business organisation looking forward to offer its employees the service.

Yoga being renowned world wide, your prospects are plenty and lucrative, provided you hold a recognised degree and have acquired sufficient experience.


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