Product and design engineering at Middlesex

Creating dancing robots, improving usability of mobile phones, designing furniture, inventing a light-emitting jacket for cyclists, enhancing the interface between gorillas and tourists at London Zoo — these are just some of the projects that students at Middlesex University, U.K. have worked on.

Product and design engineering may seem like a niche degree but it has a multitude of practical applications, as Mike Bradley, Senior Lecturer, Product Design and Engineering Department at Middlesex, illustrated in his digital video seminar at the British Council last week.

Middlesex University offers a range of degree courses in this field that encourage innovation through hands-on learning.

These include B.A./B.Sc. Product Design and M.Sc. degrees in Design and Manufacturing Management, Design Engineering and Interactive Design. And the university is encouraging enthusiastic students from India to apply.

Accredited by the U.K. Institution of Engineering Designers, the university department prides itself on simulating the world of work in a learning environment: students have the opportunity to work on live project with real clients even at undergraduate level, assessment is through assignments and not examinations, industry placements are included on courses and a fund helps students with promising projects to apply for patents, undertake market research and look at product development.

Industrial partners include IBM, Ford, Land Rover, Siemens and Tata Motors European Technical Group.

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