Opportunities matter the most


S.D.M. Siddhartha Mahila Kalasala:The objective of education has taken a different direction these days with students and their parents solely concentrating on future opportunities and chances that may come from a particular course.

This has greatly changed the preferences of students and has left a deep impact on the thinking of the educational institutions. For instance, parents are too eager to get their children admitted into schools which say a lot about foundation courses for entrance examinations like the EAMCET. Thought they charge high fee, the parents do not bother to go ahead with admissions.

In reality, they do not have a full understanding of whether the courses are worth taking. Moreover, this is like imposing additional burden on the students.

The educational system has to be standardised in the context of new trends creeping in at the cost of holistic education.

The policymakers are not having any say in this as commercialisation of education continues much to the chagrin of students. It seems like there is no alternative to new concepts, as they promise bright future and ensure this by any means. With confusion prevailing all over, parents tend to join their students even by paying high fee.

All colleges are feeling the burden of the commercialised trend with the managements being forced to look for opportunities to stay strong. This is all the more relevant with regard to degree colleges, as the winds of change are sweeping strong here.

Now it is up to the students to derive maximum out of their courses and acquire additional advantages by getting exposed to additional skills.

The shift in the objective of education system seems to do a world of good for students while, at the same time, it deprives them of acquiring knowledge in traditional subjects. But everybody is banking on the benefits that come from modern courses. The way students are getting selected for good jobs shows the importance of bringing in new trends on the campus.

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