Life’s a game, play it well

GOALS FOR LIFE: If life is akin to a football game, enjoy it cheerily and play it truthfully.

GOALS FOR LIFE: If life is akin to a football game, enjoy it cheerily and play it truthfully.  

Take on students' test of nerves

Life can be compared to a football match. You are the captain and other players are your strengths. Opposite team comprises of your weak points like laziness, lack of concentration etc. You are the planner, conniver and motivator of your team. If you are aimless, not physically and mentally fit and sit outside the fence, your team is one main player short.

Your aim is to reach the goal that may be in the field of education, status in society, financial stability, good family relations etc. When you achieve a target and win a game, the next match with different opponents will be ready.

To accomplish it again, you may have to plan different strategies and alter some of your players.

Changing the players means varying your approach to the given situation. If you are contesting in an election, you should be an aggressive player and if you are on a diplomatic business, you have to stay ‘cool’ as your player.

Risks and ambitions

Your forward players constitute your courageous and dashing qualities to fight against your fear of failure. But some times they become too adventurous, rush forward and fail to come back to assist other players who are safeguarding your goal. The ability to judge when to move forward or defend back is called ‘wisdom’.

Your emotional balance is ‘full-back’ defence player, a wall to protect from your rival players like anxiety, nervousness and tension.

The more powerful your full-back is, the more you are stress-free. Some times the situation goes out of hand and the opposite team dominates. It is called ‘crisis’. Then all co-players like your experience, education, wisdom and other skills should rush to assist the goal-keeper. If you commit a fault, it leads to a penalty kick.

Have specific goals. While proceeding towards the goal post, go without any distractions.

When his teacher and philosopher Drona asked Arjuna what he could see while aiming at the bird on the tree, his disciple said that all he could see is the bird’s eye and nothing else.

In failure, let your players not sink with depression. Failure is an experience. Take the example of a child who plays just for joy and fun, unmindful of the result. If life is a two-hour football game, enjoy it cheerily and play it truthfully. Goal is a bonus. That is what the total essence of Bhagavad Gita.


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