Good habits leave lasting impressions dil se

MAke it a routine: Good habits determine success of a person.

MAke it a routine: Good habits determine success of a person.   | Photo Credit: -Photo: K.R. Deepak


SRR and CVR Government College: Good habits are important and they should be cultivated quite early in life. If they are imbibed into young minds, it will leave a lasting impact on them and inspire them to do all good deeds in their future endeavours, which is what determines the future of the country. Normally, parents and teachers give a lot of emphasis to human and good values.

It is for the individual college students to follow the basic values and ensure that their ethical values are in tune with the wellbeing of everybody in society.

There is a lot of scope for us to bring values and standards into our daily lives.

When we follow dutifully good values, it is inevitable that we gain respect from others. Discipline and values will provide a lot of inspiration and strength to young minds.

Habits are hard to lose and they determine the success of a person. While bad habits are easy to get introduced to, good habits need special effort to gain.

If we move with good people, it goes without saying that we unmindfully and effortlessly get good habits.

It will reshape our lives and help us move in the correct direction. It is all important that friendship with good people will ensure that we take all the right decision in our lives.

Right from food to music to entertainment, we are selective and it depends on how we are selecting these things. Our sense of right music tells the world what kind of a person one is. This is important. We have to showcase our tastes and desires in a proper perspective. We must show that we have the right kind of attitude.

All these good aspects can be derived by following good instincts.

One should make sure that good food habits and fine ideas will give a lot of benefit to students. We have to follow carefully this attitude in life.

By looking at the lives of great people, we can have an understanding of how good habits can be of immense value. We can pick the right habits of great people and follow their spirit to the maximum possible. This is the right way to moulding oneself into an ideal person.

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