Getting over failures

CREDIBLE EFFORT: Anil Konisi and his friends during the shooting of ’Am I a Failure’.

CREDIBLE EFFORT: Anil Konisi and his friends during the shooting of ’Am I a Failure’.   | Photo Credit: ARRANGED PHOTO

Anil’s film is about tackling failures, writes B. MADHU GOPAL

Whiling away time with friends, not keeping up to date with the lessons, striking off answer scripts in the examination hall and allowing backlogs to pile up are some of the things many students indulge in. While some correct themselves early, some others realise their folly late.

It’s to drive home this message that Anil Konisi, a B.Tech Final year student of Sri Chaitanya Engineering College in Visakhapatnam, made a video film: “Am I a failure”?

“I have seen some of my seniors tormented by feelings of failure and the prospect of being unable to meet the expectations of parents,” he says.

“These students neglect their studies throughout the year and some of them strike off their answer scripts on the pretext of improving percentage of marks. They fail to clear the backlogs and make a mess of their careers. I want this trend to change.”

The story revolves around four friends. Manohar is a good student but financial burdens weigh him down. He doubles up as newspaper boy. Chaitanya, a perfectionist, always submits his assignments much ahead of schedule. Shekar always gets up late from bed and wakes up Anil and they both go late to the college.

The film opens with Shekar walking in the rain, while loosening his tie, in a dejected mood. He gets back memories of his college days and how he had neglected his lessons. He squats on the floor thoroughly drenched in the rain. His friends pat him on the back. “Everything has gone out of hand,” he says but his friends convince him saying: “All is not over”.

A fan of director Puri Jagannadh, Anil is charmed by the down-to-earth nature of the director, whom he had met in the past. He also draws inspiration from noted director K. Viswanath.

What about studies? “I started making the film in February 2008 and it’s now in the final stages of completion. It took me so long as we only shot during holidays. I have already cleared my GRE and TOEFL with top scores,” says Anil, who has set his sights on doing MS in the U.S.

Any plans to do a feature film? “I had written the story for a full-length feature film and the script was okayed by a director. But my first priority is to complete my MS and then pursue a course in direction in the U.S.

His brother K. Sunil Naidu, who has is now doing MS in the U.S., was initially opposed to Anil’s idea of making the film but after hearing the subject he agreed to finance the film.

Three shows of the film will be screened at Kalabharati auditorium in Vishakapatnam on February 4.

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