Eve-teasing: sensitise public

Fight for respect: Girls should be bold enough to drive away those indulging in eve-teasing. (The photograph has been used only for illustrative purpose)

Fight for respect: Girls should be bold enough to drive away those indulging in eve-teasing. (The photograph has been used only for illustrative purpose)  

Girls these days are courageous to take on such elements but they need the support of the society. They don’t go to police for the fear that the response is not only poor but the police also treats them badly instead of respecting her sentiments. They are looked down upon as the perpetrators more than the affected and the police should be sensitised to deal such cases with some compassion and concern.

Media can play a pro-active role by highlighting the people who indulge in such heinous acts. The fear of being caught on the camera and appearing in the newspapers will discourage the boys to a great extent. Media should open separate lines so that girls can complain easily so that pressure is built on the police to act fast. Guys indulging in eve-teasing should understand the insult the girls go through. Remember that the same can happen to your sisters and mothers or friends.

Kruti Sharma

Eve teasing is one of the most formidable problems encountered by women. Let it be in the political scenario, colleges, workplaces, movie theatres or just anywhere this has become a dangerous problem. The prime reason lies in the mindset in the society that women are meek and inferior. The fact that many men have upheld this notion and many women have given in has acted as boosters for this ridicule.

Every individual is generally a product of his upbringing environment so the treatment of this problem should begin right from the home. I would rather suggest that women learn to defend themselves (both physically and mentally) in any sort of situation rather than relying on the police force and the judiciary to do something miraculous for them.

There are just two solutions - either you take it easy or stand up and fight against the odds. I am sure many girls today are educated and courageous enough to honour their self-respect.

Niveditha Samudrala,


The graph of eve-teasing cases has risen in the society and shockingly students are the maximum culprits. Besides youth who are indulge in eve-teasing on roads, in buses, cinema halls, beaches, street corners and teas stalls, and students are found practicing such activities in class rooms and canteens.

The patriarchal society we are living in have undermined girl student by treating her with double standard. She is made to feel inferior. The hooting, ogling, close body-body contact, whispering, and passing lewd comments will certainly disturbs the psychology of girl, who hardly dare to access public places and educational institute, in this insecure atmosphere.

There are laws, for instance, IPC 298 (A) and (B) sentences a man guilty of making a girl or woman the target of obscene gestures, remarks, songs, recitation for a maximum tenure of three months. Despite such laws people found practicing eve-teasing. This reveals that stringent laws are needed and we need to change our troublesome behaviour that only intends to catch the attention of opposite sex by following our conscience to done away with this ‘boy will be boys’ attitude which we have inherited from patriarchal structure of the society.

S. M. Fasih

Almost every girl in India is a victim of eve-teasing. Yes, eve-teasing is a disease; but it is not something that can’t be cured. Here the problem and the solution both are very clear. But the solution is not being implemented properly like for many other problems in India. Lot of people move around the places where eve-teasing is maximum but no one objects and interferes which gives the eve-teaser more confidence. When a girl complaints about the eve-teasing to their parents, they would suggest them to avoid teasers.

This is one more encouraging act for the eve-teasers. Generally eve-teasing is done for pleasure. This pleasure has to be dominated by fear, fear of punishment. Police can’t be made totally responsible for this, public also has to help in this.

Educate girls to fight against it when ever it happens not only for them but also for others. Boys please respect women and fight against eve-teasing and parents don’t restrict girls in dealing with the menace but support them.

Sandeep Annepu,


“Hello madam ********** ” shouts a boy from a group, the so called "YOUTH" to a girl, waits for her reaction and then showers the other comments while the girl helplessly hurries away and the spectators walk away as the show is over. This is a common scenario in almost every public places and sometimes it hits the headlines also when the issue gets serious. Who should be blamed for this?? The boys who seek sadistic pleasure or the girl who fails to answer back or the spectators? I think the trio should be equally blamed for this. Even the cops and security should take the responsibility.

Officials should nip the evil in the bud. The one responsible for this nuisance should be put behind the bars. In fact, this punishment is very little. They should be humiliated in public.

Even the girls should always be reminded that ‘they are not weak’ as considered by the society. They should be given training in self-protection. Watching a crime silently is as sinful as committing it and this thought should be instilled in the minds of every citizen so that they too feel responsible. Creating awareness among the masses and specially the ‘youth’ about the pros and corns of such acts will go a long way in curbing it.

Jayanti Vanthati

Young girls in Hyderabad and Secunderabad tolerate eve-teasing silently because of the fear of loosing social status and becoming a laughing stock. Again we keep blaming police department for its inefficiency to control such activities. But why blame police and the society?

If the victims are silent why should be the world bother about it? Rather then worrying about the social status the victims should give a hard blow to the culprits. This will have two effects. One the victim also has a social status and if he is given a solid punch in front of the public, he will be exposed to the world which will discourage him for committing further such activities.Again if one victim raises her voice it will definitely provoke all the other victims to stand up and fight against this deadly crime.

So let’s join hand to fight against such inhuman activities and show the world that we are not silent tolerant. We can be equally strong as men are.


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