Eplus Club schedule

Week 11 Feb. 2nd to 7th

THEME: - This week is dedicated to India and its manifold aspects. Let’s find out how we see our country from our own unique perspectives and how we plan to go about shaping its future.

•What’s Your Muse? : Think about a poem or song in your language which you have really enjoyed. Why do you think you liked it so much? Recite it if you can and explain it. Now ask your friend to come forward and explain another poem or song similar in theme. When you have found two similar songs, start over with a new theme.

•Getaway Beckons: Which of these destinations would you like to visit? - Hill stations, the seaside, forests, or maybe something else? What do you like it about it so much?

• Debate: - Nowadays students are more interested in going abroad than studying in India.

•From the Silver Screen to the Assembly: - Many people think that film-stars cannot become successful politicians. However, we cannot ignore their presence in politics. What is your opinion on this? Imagine you are a popular film-star and have decided to become a politician. Tell us how you will use your fame to make a difference.

• Ambassadors: Imagine yourselves as representatives of India in a foreign country and your friends as a group of foreigners who know very little about India. Now come forward one by one, and explain specific aspects of India to the foreigners. You can explain sports, politics, the monsoons--anything you choose. But do not repeat a point already made by someone else.

•Away from the Spotlight: Think about some sports and games which are neglected in India. We do agree there are plenty of those. Each of you choose a particular sport, and explain why it is being neglected with 5 clear reasons. Do you also have reasons for why it should not be neglected? Write your points down, and read them out.

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