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Value addition vital

If you want to create a hardcore product, go to manufacturing. If you want to enhance the product, go to IT. Remember: innovation is continuously happening in all industries.

In the auto manufacturing industry, engineers play a role right from the design and development stage. There is scope to use design automation IT tools in manufacturing.

Other areas with opportunities for core engineers include tool design and process planning, materials technology, the proving laboratory, prototyping, advanced engineering, mechatronics, maintenance engineering, manufacturing system engineering, quality engineering and utilities engineering. So you see there are a variety of jobs requiring students from the mechanical, automobile, electrical, civil, materials, metallurgy, chemical and industrial streams.

Performance is equal to knowledge plus skill multiplied by will or attitude. When we recruit, what we are looking for is the right attitude and clarity of thought, goal orientation, focus, time management and listening skills. When you answer, answer to the point with clear facts and data. It is better to say “I don’t know” than do guesswork

Applying the Twenty20 analogy to the manufacturing sector in India today, you are the batsman who adds value. The field is the work environment and the bowler and fielders are the challenges you face. In Twenty 20, if you don’t score every ball, you’re out. Here, if you don’t add value continuously, you’re of no use.

A.L. Vasudevan

General Manager, Training and Development, Lucas TVS

Specialise in journalism

Journalism is still considered an offbeat career path, but with the boom in the Indian media sector, opportunities are increasing and the salaries are also getting higher.

To be a successful journalist, one must have a strong sense of curiosity and the ability to express ideas well. Having a solid grounding in your field will help. In fact, there is lots of potential for specialisation in journalism.

Bindu Bhaskar

Associate Professor Asian College of Journalism

Core engineering pays

Let’s tell the truth about the opportunities in core engineering. Yes, it is true that when the likes of Infosys, Wipro and Satyam were booming, core companies seemed to lag behind. That is changing. Many Indian core companies now do a lot of research and development, so there is lot of potential for students.

People think that there is no possibility of programming in core engineering. That’s not true. Your penchant for software need not be jeopardised just because you are in the core engineering sector. We have all sorts of core engineering tools — like CAD/CAM — which need software. Come out of the narrow walls of thinking that only IT will take you to the U.S. or give you a top salary. There are opportunities to travel and earn well in core engineering also.

M. Sathya Prasad

Section Head, Advanced Engineering, Ashok Leyland

The lure of biosciences

In biosciences, the higher you go up the value chain, the higher the risk and the higher the return. You need very strong domain skills, you need a lot of training — but there is a premium on well-trained people. Biosciences in the hospital sector, microbiology or nutrition may be low risk, while core biotech or genetic research may be high risk options. Bioinformatics may be the best of both worlds.

Remember that the biosciences industry exists to help pharma companies make more money. That’s cynical, but true. It takes at least $400 million to bring a drug to market. So it is the pharma industry which sets the direction of biosciences by deciding which areas to support.

In future, trends such as increasing sub-specialisation in healthcare, more reliance on systems and processes, a global marketplace with rising outsourcing will all drive the biosciences industry.

A successful career is also about being in the right place at the right time. Don’t be so focused on the destination that you fail to enjoy the journey.

Sumanth C. Raman

Advisor on Health and Life Sciences, TCS

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