Develop interpersonal skills

MAKING A POINT: Acquiring interpersonal skills helps one to communicate better.

MAKING A POINT: Acquiring interpersonal skills helps one to communicate better.   | Photo Credit: Photo: P.V. SIVAKUMAR

Soft skills play a major role in the success of a person in present scenario. Interpersonal skill is one of the important aspects of soft skills. It deals with interaction between individuals. A healthy society reflects people with such traits, to understand and manage one’s own feelings and actions in social contacts. The recent incident at an engineering college in Telangana brings to the fore the relevance of these skills of the student community.

Lack of assertiveness is leaving bitter experiences. Acquisition of interpersonal skills lets the individual know how to communicate and how to impress upon others and to react positively to others’ opinions. Though there are sad incidents focused on campus, there is a lot more to the brighter side of this phase. So more stress is to be laid on learning and practising interpersonal skills.

As a human being each one of us possesses certain interpersonal skills. But the major responsibility to shape an individual with good interpersonal skills initially lies in the hands of a teacher along with the parents. Students being future of the nation, we need to take care of them and in this connection, it is our bounden responsibility to impart and imbibe in them good interpersonal skills.

Secondly, college level education reflects in an individual’s behaviour. Lecturers, professors and facilitators have to play a major role in moulding a student into a good individual leading to acquisition of right interpersonal skills. Lack of these skills in individuals leads to a negative mindset.

Educators have to chalk out activities like Mentor-Protégés to mould and shape these skills of a student to make him a good citizen in future. Students should also realize the importance of these skills to implement them to become a good & successful citizen.



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