Creating 'educators for peace'

A five-week training course on `Peace Education for Teachers' began in the National Council of Educational Research and Training headquarters recently. This is the fourth consecutive course which has been offered by the Department of Educational Psychology and Foundations of Education since 2005.

The major objectives of the course are to raise consciousness of teachers about their role as peace educators, learn ways to practise and promote peace among school children, particularly in teaching-learning contexts. Thirty-seven school teachers and teacher educators deputed by 24 State Education Departments are attending this training course.

The efforts are in tune with the National Curriculum Framework 2005 envisaged by NCERT and the position paper prepared by the `Focus Group on Education for Peace'. The position paper emphasizes that the goals of education are inclusive of peace education, and implementing `Education for Peace' is not only an appropriate strategy for conflict resolution and conflict avoidance but also a proactive investment in realising the "India of our Dreams for Future Generation of Students."

Sushma Gulati, Head of the Department, DEPFE, said a wide range of themes on conceptual aspects of peace and peace education, reflections on the original writings of great Indian thinkers and educationists, as well as the concerns of human rights, social justice, universal brotherhood and fraternity, civic responsibilities, respecting cultural diversity, gender equality, sustainable development, etc. are included as the course contents.

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