Can’t live with or without them

No option: Watching television is an addiction.

No option: Watching television is an addiction.  


ANDHRA UNIVERSITY: While I was browsing through the net, which has almost become an addiction, I came across a word ‘IRRITAINMENT’. This is an offshoot of modern jargon. It means entertainment and media spectacles that are annoying, but you find yourself unable to stop watching them.

This is not an exquisite exposition of English language - its cant, slang and jargon, but a hint at the weird soap operas, reality shows, dance shows, talent hunts to name a few. It seems as if the human race is faced with a crucial choice - work or watch television. It is inevitable for me to give an instance of a reality show on one of the popular Telugu channels.

Hoping that this might give a hint at what the programme is, it is funny to watch the ‘celebrities’(as they call themselves) throwing tantrums at each other. One cannot stop oneself from rolling in laughter, because the whole show is so melodramatic. Then the all-in-one compere comes to the rescue of the celebrities preaching to them ‘Etiquette Gita’, as to how to be on-screen. This is what I mean to be irritainment.

Soap operas are no exception. The K-series is notorious among the pool of soap operas. Giving a translation of a telugu proverb “A Singing Donkey spoiled a grazing Donkey” (inspired by the flick Shankar Dada M.B.B.S), even Doordarshan came under peer pressure. It is trying to add a bit of gloss and glamour with dance and singing shows. Well, one cannot swim against the current to uphold one’s sustenance.

It seems really silly to watch tête-À-tête of young girls with old men and vice-versa in the serials. Not a positive sign!!! Like smoking, drinking and drugs, watching serials is an addiction. I am an example of this sort. I was a die-hard fan of Kahin to Hoga. But, as it progressed episode after episode, I questioned myself “What am I watching?” This is what is meant by irritainment. Kudos to the idea hamsters of these operas - a good service to the television industry.

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