Build your character

Of all character traits, respect is the most important aspect. This is the key to overall success of a person whether in job or in personal life.

People talk about the golden rule very often. It is relevant for all people and at all times. Respect others. That is the thumb rule. For winning friends in society, one should understand the sentiments of others and win their confidence.

Money, wealth, beauty, power, prestige and any other such aspect is second only to character. A good character leads a person to the right path to becoming a kind human being. There are countless occasions when discord and disharmony is created in society for no reason. It is simply because of lack of respect. Give and take respect, say many people. Such slogans carry weight in the context of interpersonal relationships.

Elders often refer to the importance of respect as a vital factor in building good, harmonious relationships. The younger generation should understand their feelings. Ultimately, it is for the good and future well-being of young people that our elders lay so much emphasis on character, respect and fairness. In the fast-paced urban life, there is limited scope for close relationships. For reaping the best results out of this busy life, good character, conduct and respectable living should be imbibed in young people.

M.R. Rao,

SDM Siddhartha Mahila Kalasala

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