Bonding with family


C.V.R. College of Engineering: In the age of competition, the weight of expectation on the younger generation is lot more than earlier.

Parents expect children to perform more and children expect parents to realise what their tender minds are thinking and aspiring for.

In such situation, it is important to have an emotional bonding so that both can understand each other better.

The traditional way of approaching elders for their suggestions is in diminution.

The present generation is missing the guidance of yester generation mainly the valuable guidance of their grandparents thanks to the prevalence of nuclear family.

The teens are increasingly depending on self-guidance and friends. In a way, they are making their own fate without consulting their experienced family members and we must not blame our busy life for this.

Emotional support

I feel that present generation needs psychological or emotional support from their parents, grannies and other family members.

Otherwise, they have to hang on with the fast-track solutions for the success in their career and in their life too!

Ants lives as armies and they move along with the army to survive.

If one ant lost its way from the rest of the army, it struggles to find the army and join it because an army in unity will be far more dependable and defendable and the ant will be shielded from the enemies. It is same with us, the emotional bonding among the family members shield us from any misgivings and misguidance.

Taking the guidance from elders doesn’t mean dependency to young generation; it only improves a trust and bond between the youth and the family members, which will last forever. Youth can reveal the details about what they want to do and what they don’t want to in their career.


The best way to maintain a good understanding among youngsters and elders is to reach out to the mini-parties conducted at home itself.

The picnics with close relatives and their families also would improve the bond between the immediate relatives. It is important that we are together.

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