And I will opt for…

Optimistic: (Top) Rameshwari, Vishwas, Vinay; (Bottom) Bhagyashree, Priyadarshini, Amit Manjunath.

Optimistic: (Top) Rameshwari, Vishwas, Vinay; (Bottom) Bhagyashree, Priyadarshini, Amit Manjunath.   | Photo Credit: — Photos: Murali Kumar K.


A look at what students prayed and hoped for while waiting for CET counselling

It is counselling season at the Karnataka Examinations Authority. Anxious parents and students queue up outside the premises waiting for their shot at the seat selection procedure. As the ranks go higher, so do the stakes. It’s almost a nail-biting finish for many.

While most of them come with a long priority list and have weighed their options, others find that their favourite college does not show up on the display screen.

A week into the counselling procedure, The Hindu EducationPlus went to the KEA premises to check out the activity.

Adrenaline levels were high and nervous students found that the seats in the chosen colleges were getting over too fast. So, how has it been so far? Which is the most preferred course and how have students strategised before facing the counselling? Here’s what they had to say:

Rameshwari (Hubli): I am interested in research. Even though in CET I secured 3,083 rank in medical, my preference is Bio-technology. It is a new and innovative industry with innumerable career options for anyone interested in life sciences.

There is an abundance of opportunities to make new discoveries and introduce useful innovations to the world.

I hope that I have all the chances to get a seat in one of the prestigious colleges. I have no options other than Bio-technology.

Vishwas (Udupi): I prefer Electronics and Communication. Because there are plenty of job opportunities in this arena.

Quota to the rescue?

If I do not get a seat in the first round, I will try again in casual vacancy. But I think the Kannada quota will help me. I would give my right arm to get the seat. Right now I have no other options.

Vinay (Tumkur): I have no options other than Mechanical Engineering. Even though positioned at 8,708th rank, I see a ray of hope. If I do not get a seat, I will try in casual round. Mechanical engineering comprises a range of activities including research and development, operations and maintenance.

Anything that involves the design and manufacturing of mechanical, thermal, or electronic devices and processes falls in the area of mechanical engineering. Jobs can be found in many sectors. That’s why I have opted for it.

Bhagyashree Patil (Dharwad): I prefer engineering. My parents also want me to become an engineer. In CET I have secured 7,959th rank in engineering. My first preference is Electronics and Communication. Information Science is next.

Information Science is an exciting and progressive field that focuses on problem solving.

There is an increasing demand for computing professionals in a vast range of scientific, artistic and commercial settings.

I want a seat in a college in my native place and I hope that I will get it.

Priyadarshini Patil (Dharwad): In CET I have secured 2,959th rank in medical and 7,951st rank in engineering. I am not interested in the former.

Two options

I have two options in my kitty, Computer Science and Information Science.

Suppose my effort to get seat in CS and IS goes in vain, I will opt for architecture or civil. There is a big demand for civil engineers in the market and I hope to capitalise on it.

Amith Manjunath (Bangalore): I have three options in my hand. My first preference is Electronics. Telecommunication and Information Science are other two options.

I prefer to study in Bangalore for my graduation. If it is my day, I will get seat in Electronics. Good number of jobs are waiting in these three fields.

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