AIESEC global partnership programme

In an era of start-ups with CEOs in their twenties, international student organisation AIESEC is doing its bit to create the next generation of global entrepreneurs — in the social work sector.

The Global Entrepreneurship Programme enables students in India to intern in any one of 16 European or Asian countries from AIESEC’s global network, in the challenging field of social entrepreneurship. Students will work mostly with non-governmental organisations, learning about managing an organisation dealing with child rights, education or basic health services. The programme is open to any student who feels that he/ she would make a successful social entrepreneur, as well as to students who just want to explore different cultures while gaining work experience at the same time.

“Enterprenuership is all about converting theoretical knowledge to practical and the Global Entrepreneurship Program gives you a first hand experience when you are learning so much about how it feels to work,” says Krishna Gupta, an AIESEC vice-president in India.

“The world is not being run by the big B-school graduates. It’s the people who have first-hand experience of running an enterprise who are going to win the battle of who’s going to be the next CEO,” adds another student vice president Ajay Kartik.

AIESEC is now recruiting members and interns for the programme. The deadline for applications in February 8. For more details, contact AIESEC vice-president Arjun Chidambaram at 9884259713.

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