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In view of the increase in the cost of living and cost of education, Chinese government’s ministry of education and finance has increased the number of scholarships.

The foundation examination will take place in June every year. Students can start applying from April.

Advanced manufacturing, cyber security, Internet of things, entrepreneurship, analytics, robotics, automation, health sciences, IT enabled sector, agriculture, food processing, microbiology, and so on, are some of the popular courses in Chinese universities.

With the G20 group working towards innovation-led economies by 2020, skill-oriented courses are acquiring momentum. Even though jobs in the manufacturing sectors are increasing, deficiency of appropriate skills as part of globalisation, technology and recession is affecting employment opportunities.

This mismatch is motivating the industry to increase production and productivity.

To bridge this gap, Chinese universities are offering skill-oriented courses at the undergraduate-level.

Indian students can apply for courses in the areas of science, technology and engineering and management, and make use of the international scholarship programmes in China.

(The writer is Director of Entrepreneurship, Kerala Veterinary and Animal Sciences University.)

E-mail: tpsethu2000

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