The discovery of Belgaum's Kunda

POPULAR: The Kunda is the most sought-after sweet delicacy in Belgaum.  

This is the city of foodies with cross-culture food and hospitality.

The food delicacies and recipes cross both land and water barriers and one can pick his choicest dish from a host of menu, from ethnic North Karnataka stuff to the Marathas, the Sauji, the Konkan, the Gujarati, the Goan, the North Indian, the Punjabi and of course, the Chinese.

But, when it comes to sweets, the menu is not complete without the “Kunda” — a name synonymous with Belgaum.

An interesting story precedes Kunda making in the city.

It was about 60 years ago when a Rajasthani, Gajanan Mithaiwale, belonging to a Purohit family, discovered the sweet dish.

It so happened that his cook by oversight and negligence over-boiled the milk, eventually turning it into a dark brown paste.

The Jakku Marwadi (by which name Mithaiwale was known) was not willing to waste this paste and gave it a try.

He mixed some quantity of “khoa” (a milk paste and an essential ingredient in most of the sweets) and sugar to dilute.

He cooked it for some more time. For him, it was like Einstein's Eureka moment.

Although he did not shout “eureka”, he had discovered a new sweet dish which tasted good. Not knowing what to name it, he uttered “Kunda”.

Ever since, he started manufacturing “Kunda” on commercial scale.

Today, this sweet is popular among Indians across the globe.

There are over 200 families which make “Kunda” and sell it under the brand name of Purohit Kunda, but the leaders are Camp Purohit and Atul Purohit.


  • It so happened that the cook overboiled the milk
  • The resultant dark brown paste was turned into Kunda