Traders pledge to keep Perumal Mudali Street free of litter, squalor

Traders have asked for better amenities to be made available for all the streets of Sowcarpet

Traders have asked for better amenities to be made available for all the streets of Sowcarpet  

The other commercial streets in the region need a similar commitment from traders, say SHIVANI PANDEY and SHUCHI MISHRA

A circular distributed on October 31 among traders at Perumal Mudali Street carried a pledge: “We shall throw collected garbage of our shops in dustbins.” The Sowcarpet Traders Association had done this to get the traders and residents committed to keeping their surroundings clean.

Earlier, on October 29, around 25 committee members of the Association had met Corporation officials at the zonal office to discuss the issue of cleaning up the streets in the region. The move led to the entire Perumal Mudali Street getting cleaned up. It was a marathon effort that stretched on till 3:30 a.m.

Ranjit K. Jain, secretary of the Association said that if the Corporation levied any penalty from the traders for disobeying the rules mentioned in the circular, the association would not intervene and try to bail them out.

Aavin R. Arul Vel, Councilor of ward 57, said the clean-up was possible because of support from Sowcarpet Traders Association and Perumal Mudali Trade Association.

He said he was going to discuss the problems plaguing Narayan Mudali Street with Ranjit Chhalani, president of The Madras General Merchants Association. Harish, a local trader, said he had paid a penalty of Rs. 200 for not following the rules. He said he realised he had been irresponsible.

Dinesh, also a local trader, said conservancy staff of the Corporation visit the locality every day, and clean Perumal Mudali Street up between 9.30 p.m. and 10.30 p.m.

What has been done for Perumal Street could be done for the other streets of Sowcarpet area. These stretches battle not just littered streets, but also lack of public toilets, misplaced electricity boards, haphazard parking, water-logged roads during the rains and garbage pile-ups. Even irresponsible behaviour by the traders seems to be contributing to the problem: they fling packaging material and let out grey water on to the streets.

N.S.C Bose Road, Kasi Chetti Street, Govindappa Naickan Street, Annapillai Street and Mint Street are among the worst-hit.

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