On a digital track.Photo: R. Ragu

On a digital track.Photo: R. Ragu  

Every day, when the students of the Government Presidency Girls Higher Secondary School in Egmore, set foot in the school building, they realise the power of technology.

On a trial basis, students’ attendance is now being marked using facial recognition technology. Closed circuit cameras have been installed at the entrance of the school for this project, whose pilot run was launched in December 2018 by the State School Education Minister, K.A. Sengottaiyan. “Attendance registry will be phased out once the facial recognition network is in place completely. Students are being taught how to record themselves in the network. All students, starting from Class I have to screen themselves before the facial recognition cameras,” says K. Madeshwaran, Assistant Head Master (AHM) of Government Presidency Girls Higher Secondary School in Egmore.

The facial recognition network has a matrix of CCTV cameras that are connected to a server that can be accessed by the School Education Department headquarters in Egmore and the Ministry of School Education Department in Fort St. George.

Linked to mobile app

A mobile application (app) links the cameras with the server containing details of students and teachers of the school.

Parents and teachers of the school have to download the app in their mobile phones to check updates, including the students’ daily attendance as well as their absence from school.

The network with its cameras will be fitted at the entrance of the school.

Students and teachers have to enter and leave the school building only through the common entrance where the cameras are fitted.

Updates for parents

Once the images of the students are captured in the cameras, an alert message will be sent to their parents. Students leaving the campus during school hours will also be recorded and the information will be promptly sent to their parents immediately.

The cameras will work round-the-clock.

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