A pep talk by alumnus

The august campus of PSBB Nungambakkam glowed with pride as yet another successful alumnus addressed the students as part of ‘Stimulations’, a programme organized by the school. The students were treated to an inspiring talk by Pratyush Nalam. A graduate of IIT Mumbai, Pratyush also has a Master’s degree from Columbia University. He is now with the Seattle division of Microsoft. Pratyush’s achievements shine even brighter, when you consider that he accomplished them from the confines of a wheelchair.

Proffering various study tips to the students, he emphasised how every individual is endowed with a unique set of skills.

He urged the that students to plan each day and organise their thoughts by using calendars. He urged youngsters to face life with an open mind so that one can evolve in the ever-changing world.

Pratyush’s address was closely followed by an interactive question-and-answer session.

Mr.Pratyush also stressed the importance of gratitude in order to be successful in life. He then thanked Mrs. YGP, the Dean and Director of the PSBB group of schools, his ever-supportive parents and all the teachers who had inspired him.

Pratyush’s talk struck a chord with his juniors, leaving each of them awe-struck and motivated.

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