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will the chemistry click? Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif in Yuvvraaj

will the chemistry click? Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif in Yuvvraaj  

There’s another side to Bollywood star Salman Khan. The actor who makes it to the headlines for all the wrong reasons has a quirky sense of humour. And that comes through as he opens up on a host of topics prior to the release of Yuvvraaj. Excerpts:

You have two brothers — just like your character in Yuvvraaj. Were you able to identify with your character?

That is the reason I did this film. I liked the script when Subhashji narrated it. I realise I took the right decision — in Anil I see Arbaaz while in Zayed I see Sohail.

Was there any competition among Anil, Zayed and you on the sets?

When actors are friends, they are not jealous. We were happy. Zayed and I would be happy if Anil was working hard, and we were both chilling out. We would laugh and remark: “Anil, you look very fresh”.

You have worked with Anil Kapoor in Biwi No. 1 and No Entry earlier.

In Biwi No. 1, Anil was supposed to hit my thigh and say: ‘Oye baat sun’. We had 30 rehearsals and 45 takes. Every time he hit me, it would be harder than the previous time. Finally, I took Anil aside, showed him my thigh, and said: ‘Itna laal ho gaya hai; aur kitna laal karega?’ (It’s this red. How much redder will you make it?)

There’s a scene in Yuvvraaj, where Anil comes to know that Zayed and I are conning him, and hops mad. I remembered the ‘Oye baat sun’ episode, and kept a safe distance from him. I sent Zayed instead. Anil got so physical that he cut his hand. Normally Subhashji says: ‘Well, good, but one more’. But, thankfully, this time he didn’t ask for one more take. I would have told him no chance; aglee baar yeh bahut maarta! (He would hit harder the next time)

Which actor has impressed you in recent times?

Akshay Kumar. I think he is the only person who has grown as an actor.

Tell us about your blonde look in Yuvvraaj.

I streaked my hair in Austria, and it started falling. I decided against colouring it again. I went back to my original hair colour. I would use mascara for the scenes where I needed the earlier blonde look.

You are paired with Katrina Kaif after Maine Pyar Kyun Kiya. How was it working with her?

She is a delight to work with, and we had a blast. She has learnt her Hindi very carefully. There is no retake as far as Katrina is concerned, because she has memorised her lines well. If you ask her about a dialogue in her film, she will instantly go dha-dha-dha-dha!

Which is your favourite song in the film?

‘Tu hi meri dost hai’.

Do you think A.R. Rahman’s music is the USP of the film?

No, it is me! (cracks up laughing). Subhashji has done a fairly decent job, and A.R. Rahman is very competent.

Apparently, you took Sonu Nigam to the gym for the very first time, and he complimented you that you had the best legs in the industry. So when are you revealing them?

I try to follow Indian tradition as much as I can, but you will definitely see me in a mini skirt in Veer.


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