Why I like... Rocky

Bharat Dhabolkar Ad guru and theatre person

Bharat Dhabolkar Ad guru and theatre person  

The film I like most is Rocky 2, actually the entire Rocky series. Most people see Rocky as a boxing film, but the entire concept of an underdog coming within an inch of winning and losing (unlike most formula and underdog films) is a great emotional roller-coaster. Even the Rocky theme music has now become legendary. As a writer, I’ve always wondered what they could do after Rocky 2, and was amazed at the concepts they came up with in version 3, 4 and 5, and again the latest one, Rocky Balboa.

Why I hate... Aamir

One film that was a huge let-down was Aamir. After enjoying A Wednesday, I saw this film. It seemed to be well-handled and topically relevant to the present times, but as the film tediously travelled through the torture of a reluctant terrorist, one expected that the end would be fittingly grand to make that entire conspiracy necessary. But, it was such an anti-climax that you felt cheated for having watched the film. The conspirators didn’t have to go through all that rigmarole to carry out an act that any errand boy could have done for a few rupees.

(as told to subha j rao)

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