Why I hate... Vinnukkum Mannukkum

That’s one film where I’ve had arguments with the director for every single shot. Everything in that film, right from the first shot was wrong.

The clothes he made me wear! When the clothes came, I chose some with earthy colours and sent back the rest. But when I got to the set, I saw the ones he had selected for me. He made me wear yellow and red and pink and orange, all the clothes I had rejected. Whatever I selected he rejected. So I looked like a flower in the movie.

The highlight was a song we filmed at the Mysore Palace. He wanted me to curl up and it was so funny. I am the most co-operative artiste but this dress was too much. First, I refused, said that I wouldn’t wear it. The whole unit stayed put. I didn’t budge and he didn’t budge. After two hours, I said okay.

I finally gave in because if you agree to play the dog, you can’t refuse to wag the tail. There was just one scene that came out okay in the whole film because he just let me go and do my own thing. He let me act, he said do what you want.

But for that one scene, I hated myself in that film.

(as told to sudhish kamath)

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