‘Tastes are changing’

chat Chandrasekhar Yeleti explains why he indulges in a long break between films

Every time one meets director Chandrasekhar Yeleti it is difficult to refrain from asking why he takes a painfully long time to embark on a new project. Between Aithe, Anukokunda Oka Roju, Okkadunnadu or Prayanam there was a gap of two years but this time between Prayanam and now the forthcoming Sahasam it has been four years. The talented and reticent auteur who’s busy with the post production of the film chuckles, “Most of it is unplanned, but this time yes a lot of time got wasted,” he admits.

The audience is increasingly showing inclination towards entertainment, hasn’t his script become outdated? “True, the humour quotient is being upped but it is not that they are accepting bad films. People are going for it beecause there is some special quality in that script."I have never changed my story based on demand and time. The taste of the audience changes, so if we narrate a story in an engaging fashion there will not be a problem. We have to believe in our content.”

Chandrasekhar says Gopichand and producer Bhogavalli Prasad liked the story of Sahasam and they began working on the film immediately. Gopichand too was interested in an action adventure. Sahasam speaks of a man’s indefatigable spirit and his courage.

He adds that the hero is an ATM security guard who keeps watching the money all the time and someday he dreams of becoming rich. “For a common man aspiring to buy a car is okay but buying super wheels, something very expensive is dreaming big. The heroine, played by Tapsee, helps him whether she likes this journey or not. Their goal becomes the same but the purpose is different,” he informs.

The director has some good news for his fans, once the film releases in May he will embark on his next project immediately, no more waiting this time.

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