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in focus Another young aspirant from North debuts in a south film

It came as a surprise to Surbhi, the Delhi-based arts student who attended an audition for Vikram Prabhu’s (of Kumki fame) second film Ivan Veramathiri to be directed by Sarvanan (of Journey fame) . The people who selected her felt she had a proper Tamil face and her dialogues had a very good Tamil accent. “Ever since I was a child, I was interested in modelling and wanted to be an actor. I was called for this all-India audition and there were so many girls from different parts of India and I was just one of them. It felt really nice when they told me that I fit into the character very well.

My role is on par with the hero. It is a sweet character about a college going student,” she avers.

For a girl who grew up in the North, Tamil was a bit difficult but Surbhi thinks it is not an issue at all, she had apparently memorised all her dialogues that were given to her a month in advance to perfection. She kept discovering the language with every visit to Chennai, now she is totally comfortable with it. “I can understand very basic words and as you keep learning you realise you like the language and it is a very sweet one. I must have made seven to eight trips so far, Chennai has a nice atmosphere and the people are so friendly,” she quips.

Surbhi recollects imitating people ever since she was a child, and says she was an avid participant in drama/theatre. She is currently in the final year of college pursuing fine arts in Delhi College of Arts. She is an alumni of Delhi Public School. “The best part about acting is pretending to be some one and, one must have the disposition to be someone. It is a pleasure discovering myself as I play each character. An actor has many colours and I want to be all of them. This coming summer, I will be done with college and I will hopefully concentrate on my career. For my parents it is a different feeling, none of them were in entertainment industry. Dad is from advertising background. None of my relatives know that I’m into movies. My college friends saw my pictures on the net and got to know about it.

I actually wanted to reveal the news after the film was ready. Now it’s about excitement and nervousness though Vikram Prabhu, my co-star gave many tips on acting and made me feel comfortable.

y. sunita chowdhary

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