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man of wordsLyricist Swara Veenapani

man of wordsLyricist Swara Veenapani  

He is Ramana Murthy to his family but is known as Swara Veenapani to the music world. His latest song Paluku Telupu Thallive from Devasthanam replete with divine words, is the subject of discussion in the film industry. Swara Veenapani is the pseudonym given to him by Tanikella Bharani and director Janardhan Maharshi, to mean “a wonderful fusion of words and music.”

When did he debut as a lyricist? “I am an advocate by profession and my first film Pattukondi Chooddam had a box office run of 100 days. In spite of that, I didn't get a good response. So I went back to practising law. After a couple of years I resolved to stick to films, music and writing. I've been very good at language all through my studies. More than reading I would love to listen to scholars and learned people. Music has been a part of my life, and while I was studying I would perform plays, participate in a vadhanams; even now I have a vivid memory of all the programmes I participated in.”

A lyric is successful in projecting a meaning that a visual or a dialogue is incapable of, says the lyricist. He adds, “Certain emotions can be best described through lyrics. All said and done, if Devasthanam clicks, it will usher in a great change and people will appreciate good Telugu poetry. When I wrote this song, I asked the director if people would understand its meaning. The director cited the songs in Sankarabharanam and assured that as long as good clean literature exists, people will appreciate its value and sing. Prose and poetry are like precious stones, like diamonds. When you pick up such a stone from among ordinary ones and polish it , the value is priceless. Audience will take and like what is given to them, if you give them a good song they will definitely comprehend its worth.”

Does he also enjoy ordinary movie songs? Swara Veenapani negates that firmly. He questions, “How does it feel when you see your mother in a group of people? She is special; Your mother is like that rare beautiful song, the rest of the lyrics you write for formula movies can be compared to the guests and relatives. It saddens me when certain lyrics have a bad impact on the youth but I guess lyricists sometimes have no choice. The usage of words, the choice or the padha prayogam is far from impressive. Cinema is a powerful media and the director has certain limitations. Instead of showing the people the cinema that you know and what you are capable of, it is best if you give what they demand and like. Nakemi voccho anavasaram, cinema ki yem ivvali is important .”

The lyricist adds, “Director Janardhan Maharshi of Devasthanam said even if he doesn't get a penny more he will make the film; he is particular about the values of cinema. No wonder we've got such wonderful output. There is a saying in Sanskrit, Yadh Bhavam Tadh Bhavati , whatever you think and feel from your heart will happen. The output is a result of the director's thinking.” Swara Veenapani's next work is for Tanikella Bharani's Mithunam.

y. sunita chowdhary

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