Shhh… He’s back

fresh strokes A scene from Satham Podaathey  

After five years, director Vasanth returns with “Satham Podaathey”

Vasanth is a director who has made different types of movies such as Keladi Kanmani, Aasai, Nerukku Ner and Rhythm within the commercial format. The films were not only meaningful but met with success too. A good story teller, he is from the K. Balachandar’s school of film making.

What’s special about Vasanth’s films? He has never depended on stars; instead the actors in his films have turned out to be stars! Who can forget the romantic image he gave Ajit in Aasai (1995), the dashing Vijay in Nerukku Ner (1997), which also made a star out of Simran, or the introduction of one of the most romantic pairs in Tamil cinema - Surya and Jyothika in Poovellam Kettupar (1999)?

The director is back with his new film Satham Podaathey, which releases worldwide today. A romantic thriller, it features Pritviraj, Padmapriya and newcomer Nitin Sathya. What’s more, it has chart busting music by Yuvan Shankar Raja.

Sitting in his posh office in Chennai, Vasanth says, “You can’t fit a Tamil film into a particular genre like in Hollywood. Here, the film has to be packaged with song, dance and action. I try to make my movies differently, right from the title, theme, casting and packaging.”

Satham Podaathey, like all Vasanth films, is about middle class people and is set in the city. . “It is a Shakespearean tale told in Hitchcock style. Pritviraj plays Ravichandran, a software engineer, while Padmapriya plays a simple girl from Kancheepuram. Then, there is this new guy Nitin Sathya who plays a crucial role. The film has a clear cut message; it subtly opposes some of the bad traditions in our society. I have tried to balance the film keeping the changing trends in mind without tampering with my style and you will find the Vasanth stamp throughout,” says Vasanth.

Remember that the Vasanth-Yuvan Shankar Raja combo was a rage with their Poovellam Kettupar, eight years back. Now they are back with Satham Podaathey, and this time, Yuvan has come up with a mix of hip hop and classical. The duo’s decision to make a music band, the Viva girls known for their racy numbers, sing the soft number “Pesugiraen, Pesugiraen…” has paid off, as the song is topping the charts. Sudha Raghunathan, a classical singer, has for the first time rendered a rap song, “Kadhal Periyadha”. “O Intha Kathal…”, a peppy number rendered by Adnan Sami, has also become popular.

Says Vasanth: “Yuvan’s re-recording and theme music along with audiographer H. Sridhar’s sound design are a highlight. Do you know that for 20 minutes in the second half, there are no dialogues, only sound effects?” Vasanth who held a sneak preview of the film for a few of his friends says all of them are in awe of the performances of his lead actors, especially Pritviraj. “Pritviraj is not only handsome, but the boy can act too; he is stupendous in the film. And Padmapriya, around whom the film revolves, is terrific,” says Vasanth.

With so many pluses, Satham Podaathey is sure to make the right noises.