Resigned to reality

seasoned actorBanerjee neither exults nor gets disappointed when a film doesn't work  

Banerjee is beating the heat in Ooty and doesn't react much when he is told that his work as a cop in Neeku Naku Dash Dash was good. “I've been in the industry for more than 30 years. I started my career as an assistant director and have seen and observed a lot of films and people and gained maturity, so there is no exultation or disappointment when something doesn't work. All the directors know me well and they say brahmanadamlaga untavu, natural ga chestavu but by the end of the day when the movie comes out, a major portion of my role would be chopped.”

Banerjee says he is aware that he is not a bad actor but the opportunities for substantial dialogues have been missing in films for a long time. Directors are opting for outsiders despite the presence of good supporting actors in Telugu cinema. He had a good character to play in Ee Abbayi Chala Manchodu but the film failed and now he gets a good feedback for Teja's film but the response at the box office has not been a happy one.

He quips, “I've worked in Teja's Chitram, Nuvvu Nenu . After a long gap I'm back in this project; I was hopeful that the film would click as Teja too as a person has changed but this film is being compared to Shopping Mall and some other movies. My rapport with Paruchuri Venkateswara Rao too helped the situation. They say there is no life for man without hope. As actors we continue to do good work based on the opportunity given to us. I'm currently looking forward to an untitled film that has Prabhas in the lead role. It's an emotional role; let's see how people receive it!”

Banerjee avers that Telugu audiences have got used to eulogising and watching heroes and children in films who are good looking compared to actors in neighbouring States. “We want actors who play beggars also to be good looking and clean shaven, they should be glamorous even if they hang around on the platform; whereas Tamil audiences give less importance to looks, glamour and consider plain looking people and every person as one amongst their own. While we reject good stories we don't mind encouraging raw and realistic Tamil cinema because our people go into the theatres prepared with a feeling that this film doesn't belong to us. Around 20 years back Telugu cinema was perfect and disciplined; now Hindi cinema has taken over that place,” he signs off.

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