Refund, please -- Krazzy 4

comedy of errors From Krazzy 4

comedy of errors From Krazzy 4  

Yes, certainly, there was a noble idea somewhere in all that making fun of the mentally ill and questioning the sanity of modern day society.

But thanks to the way it plays out, you desperately start praying for a regulation under which producers of such films can be sued.

Dearest trouble-makers, this is the kind of film you should claim for ban on some grounds or the other. Here are a few charges you can press:

a. Mental Agony, Nausea & Trauma: This one’s good enough for a lawsuit. Only that the judge may hold you in contempt for showing it to the court just to prove a point. Besides, you will have to be in court during the screening. A second watch could leave you brain dead.

b. Tall Claims: For all the promos that promise a comedy, the funniest joke in the film is where Arshad Warsi asks Irrfan to hold his injured middle finger up so that the breeze will soothe it (Mr.Bean there done that?) only to send the wrong signals to the biker dude. The second funniest attempt at humour is when an obsessive-compulsive cleanliness-freak Irrfan tries rubbing off Rakhi Sawant’s trash stamp at the end of her item. There is no third joke in the film.

c. Mental Illness is not a joke: Political incorrectness is better than pretentious political correctness. You want us to laugh at these guys throughout the film and then expect us to take their preaching seriously and hope we shed a tear for them.

d. The Fancy-Dress ‘Gandhi’ who turns to violence: Yes, this film actually shows a man dressed as Gandhi slapping a patriot who falls at his feet. When he shows his other cheek, he gets slapped again. Yes, we’re supposed to see the irony… a man dressed up like Gandhi does not understand the ideals of Ahimsa. But when you make a clown like Rajpal Yadav monkey around that it looks like he’s almost going to disrobe the man in public view, the man’s actions seem extremely justified.

e. Obscenity: Nope, we are not talking about Rakhi Sawant’s costume (When has she worn clothes anyway?). It’s not even half as obscene as the marketing hype and budget for this no-brainer. SRK does better dancing in the ‘Panchvi Pass’ commercials and Hrithik’s much-hyped item is a 90-second extension of the original commercial appearing during end credits.

f. Defamation: Rajat Kapoor, Irrfan Khan and Arshad Warsi should sue for defamation. The only reason they could’ve done this film is out of pressure of high expectations we have from them. g. Kriminal Pop-Korn: Kyon Ki Kuch Komedy Karney Ki Kasam Khaatey Khaatey, Kakesh Koshanji-ne Kya Kuchnahin Kiya? Kambakth Kaideep Ken Ko Kagal Kuttha Kaatey! (Kannot translate, you’ll go Krazzy too!)

h. Death threats: That ‘To be continued’ at the end of the film hinting at a sequel is a serious threat… you must be joking right?

Krazzy 4 Genre: Comedy

Director: Jaideep Sen

Cast: Irrfan Khan, Arshad Warsi, Rajpal Yadav, Suresh Menon, Juhi Chawla, Diya Mirza

Storyline: Four mentally ill friends need to rescue their doctor who has been kidnapped.

Bottomline: Gives Hindi cinema a bad name


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