Promising note

Director Suresh Krissna’s erstwhile assistant A. Rajasekar is wielding the megaphone for the first time for the Vishal-Nayantara starrer, Sathyam. Being made on a mind-boggling budget, Sathyam will have Vishal playing a police commissioner. You hear the actor has worked really hard on his physique to suit the part. Kannada hero Upendra, who is said to have avoided Tamil film offers even from the likes of Mani Ratnam, is donning a powerful role in Sathyam. “I promise the film will be fresh,” says an excited insider. “Harris Jeyaraj’s songs are scintillating, the stunts are superb, Vishal looks great, the story is new and you have Nayantara. What more can a viewer want?”


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