My first break -- Prithviraj

I like the rush of adrenalin, the kick that acting gives

How it happened

I come from a family of actors — my father Sukumaran and mother Mallika were actors. My brother Indrajith is an actor too. In fact, he’s playing an important role in Sarvam. But, I never dreamt of acting. When I was doing my computer engineering in Australia, I came down for vacation. Director Fazil introduced me to director Renjith, who was looking for a new face for his directorial debut Nandanam. Later, I debuted in Tamil with K.V. Anand’s Kana Kanden.

How it felt

I was happy to see myself on the screen, but felt I must improve a lot. I was one of those people who had no idea what they wanted. However, finally, I am doing something I like. I like the rush of adrenalin, the kick that acting gives. I want to die an actor.

How life changed

Not much. I’ve done 45 films, including seven in Tamil. Now I am doing Ninaithaley Innikkum, a Tamil remake of the Malayalam hit Classmate. I feel I must work harder to reach a certain level in acting.


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