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breaking monotonyVenkatesh in ‘Shadow’  

One can sense from Venkatesh’s voice that all is not well with him. . A stinging pain in the shoulder had resurfaced and a tooth problem compounded his discomfort; in fact he had to rush back from Panchgani where he is shooting for the Telugu remake of Bol Bachchan for the interviews to the media on the eve of Shadow ’s release. “There were no signals in Panchgani and I was in severe pain, but I guess I will tide over this soon,” he smiles and talks about Shadow , “after a long time I’m doing a mass action movie and it breaks the monotony for the viewers too, who have seen me do the subtle and soft characters. It does look like Tulasi but the killings and murder are stylised, songs are picturised glamorously, and there are certain scenes that appeals to kids also,” he explains.Venkatesh cites a single reason for taking up this story, it is very uncomplicated. There is lot of entertainment which is cleverly moulded but doesn’t form a separate track. He adds, “The comedy is laced and it comes alive because of a killing that happens. The film is called Shadow because the character goes about his killings in different looks. Each murder, you will see a different Venky.”

Didn’t this film take a long time to wrap up? The actor had to finish Seetamma Vakitlo Sirimalle Chettu first and Samantha fell sick and there were date issues because of which they had to hold the film in between. He says he took a lot of interest in shopping for the costumes in Shadow . “We tried a new look. I did a lot of shopping . He goes on, “I had a good chase sequence on the bike in Kuala Lumpur. It was long, elaborate and in the midst of Kuala Lumpur roads. Though it was risky, for some scenes I worked without a body double. I could gauge from the youth that they were looking eagerly for this kind of film. I don’t know how much I’m going to please them but the mass will enjoy this revenge format mixed with family drama.”Is he happy with the kind of scripts he is being approached for? Venkatesh says he is in the transition, he has done all kinds of stories and what the script writers need is a clever mix. They need to have something for him that will not give a deja vu feeling. It is not going to be that easy, he stresses. “Be it Ajay Devgn, Salman and me ..we all attempted most of the genres, all we need to do is be clever in selecting stories, but we end up picking the best amongst what we get at that point of time. I might work with more young actors in the next year. “He reveals, “I’m at a stage where I think I should establish my own production house. I wanted to have one around two years back, but didn’t find the time. I can’t slow down altogether on my acting but will ensure that my production house will encourage new talent. Suresh wants me to be actively involved. From my side I will see how other actors who had a long span in acting had turned producers, and do my bit to design myself. Let’s see how it goes!”

I might work with more young actors in the next year