Manju Barggavee

Manju Barggavee  

I am open to any kind of role that will showcase my talent

What happened after the hit Shankarabharanam?

For nearly three years after the film’s release, I was literally living out of my suitcase. I gave dance performances across the globe, and was delighted when people appreciated them. But I was not an ambitious person, and hence, did not aim for anything high.

And, after that?

I started the production of the film Natyarani Shanthala, directed by G.V. Iyer, but had to stop it midway. A part of the edited film still lies untouched at home!

You were a popular Tamil actor.

Of course! There were a couple of Tamil films, and who can forget Rajnikant’s Billa? I appeared with him in the title song ‘My name is Billa’, which became a huge hit. People ask me about the song even today.

But there were no performances or films for a while.

I had stopped acting and performing after I got married. I had twins, and was taking care of them. After a while people encouraged me to perform again. And, I’ve been performing since 2002.

Will you act in Tamil films now?

Why not? I played a mother in a Kannada film. I’m now doing a Telugu film. I’ve had offers from other language films too. I am open to any kind of role that will showcase my talent. I’m looking forward to working in Tamil.

How do you spend your leisure?

I run a dance school in Bangalore, and have also conducted workshops across the country. I want to teach the younger generation all that I know.


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