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‘Poovilangu' Mohan

‘Poovilangu' Mohan  

You started off with a promising role in Poovilangu but didn't make it to the top as expected. Why?

I was part of Komal Swaminathan's troupe and was on stage more than 2,500 times. My first film was Thaneer Thaneer. I followed it up with Anal Kaatru and Poikal Kudhirai. Poovilangu, my fourth film, proved to be a big break and I became popular as ‘Poovilangu' Mohan. If I didn't get offers, it was mainly due to the fact that I didn't approach directors. I was also busy acting in serials, another reason why I didn't concentrate on films.

Do you think you have been underutilised in films?

I feel so. I have done a variety of roles and co-starred with top heroes such as Kamal Haasan, Rajinikanth, Sarath Kumar, Sathyaraj, Ajith Kumar, Vijay, Prasanth, Arjun and Madhavan. I've acted in nearly 100 films, yet I can't say I've achieved what I wanted to in the industry. I'm waiting for a powerful role to come my way and that day is not far.

What about the small screen?

I have no complaints about the small screen which has fully exploited my talent. I have done nearly 200 serials on almost all the channels here. I'm happy I'm busy throughout the year.

Can you mention some of your memorable films and serials?

Films: Poovilangu (Amirjan), Punnagai Mannan (K.Balachander), Pagal Nilavu (Mani Ratnam), Kudumbam Oru Koil (A.C.Thirulokchander) and Amarkalam (Saran).

Serials: “Vizhudugal” (DD), “Nathaswaram” (Sun TV), “Veetukku Veedu Looti” (Jaya TV), “Uravukku Kai Koduppom” (Kalaignar TV) and “Ganga Yamuna Saraswathi” (Raj TV).

s. r. ashok kumar

I'm waiting for a powerful role in cinema and I'm sure it will come soon

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