Cine quiz

1. Which Academy Award-winning composer has composed for no less than 11 James Bond movies?

2. Which hit film has characters called Aliya Bose, Preeti Sabarwal and Vidya Sharma?

3. Who has been referred to as ‘Mahanayak’ (Great Hero) of Bengali cinema?

4. Which Tamil movie was remade in Hindi as Bahaar in 1951?

5. Fill up the blanks in this thespian’s name: _____Dev _____ Anand

6. Which successful actor made his Bollywood debut in Deewana?

7. Who reprised the role of Munnabhai in the Kannada version?

8. In movie-making lingo, who or what is a ‘Abby Singer’?

9. Which animals played the role of Robin Hood and Little John in the animated Disney version of the classic hero’s story?

10. Murugadoss’s Ghajini is inspired by which Hollywood film?


1. John Barry.

2. Chak de India.

3. Uttam Kumar.

4. Vaazhkai.

5. Dharam Pishorimal.

6. Shah Rukh Khan.

7. Upendra.

8. The second-to-last shot of the day

9. Fox and Bear.

10. Memento.

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