Rivers of romance

The director's take on love Moscowvin Kaviri, and (below) Ravivarman

The director's take on love Moscowvin Kaviri, and (below) Ravivarman  

chatline As Moscowvin Kaviri gets ready to hit the screens, its maker Ravivarman shares his thoughts about the film with malathi rangarajan

W hen ace cinematographer Ravivarman cranks the camera and also wields the megaphone for a project, it naturally kindles interest. The visually stunning promos of the film increase it further. The movie is the soon-to-be-released Moscowvin Kaviri. Intriguing title, you could say! “Yes, but relevant too,” smiles Ravivarman, and explains, “There's this river called Moscowva in Russia. Many refer to it as Moscow. As a metaphor for love, MK is my take on the absorbing lives of two diametrically different people who decide to take the plunge into the River of Togetherness.”

Ravivarman isn't highly educated in the formal sense, but his wife is a computer engineer. Yet they fell in love and got married. They've been through a lot and the trials have only made the bonding stronger. “ MK is a leaf out of my book of life,” he smiles.

The next step

The technician who wielded the camera for challenging features, such as Anniyan and Dasaavatharam, changes tack for the first time, to turn director. “It is the next step. As a cameraman I've seen a film only from my angle. But now I observe it from other perspectives,” he says. It was Kavithalaya's Pushpa Kandaswamy who first sowed the seeds of such an aspiration in Ravivarman. “I told her a story and she was quite excited. ‘Let's do it as an Indian English film,' she suggested. It didn't take off, but it's the same story that I've made as Moscowvin Kaviri,” says Ravi.

For Samantha, the actor who played Trisha's role in the Telugu remake of Vinnai Thaandi Varuvaaya, MK ought to have been the launch pad. As a model for Chennai Silks, she caught Ravi's eye and soon became MK's heroine. But Ye Maaya Chesave ( VTV), also a hit, got released first, and Samantha is already sitting pretty. Again it was Ravi who noticed the potential in Thaman and brought him in as composer of MK. Rahul Ravindran, the hero of MK, had also modelled for a couple of products before Ravi spotted him. The choice of Y.Gee. Mahendra's son, Harshavardhan, for a role with grey shades, could well be the ace up Ravi's sleeve. Laughs Ravi: “I needed a good looking guy to play the part and Harsha was apt.”

“Vairamuthu's verses are a strongpoint of MK,” says Ravi. “I wanted simple yet telling words and he gave me at least a 100 choices. ‘Nee Ondrum Azhagi Illai' is one such. Aascar Ravichandran and his wife were so fascinated by the song that he called me up several times to talk about it.” But aren't the words similar to a hit number of the recent past? “This song was written long before the one you are referring to,” Ravi asserts.

MK is releasing after quite a few glitches. “True, but it has in no way affected the end product,” he says. Initially Aascar Ravichandran's brother Ramesh Babu and Ravi had decided to produce the film. And when things between them soured Ravichandran entered the picture and helped see the project through.

Much water has flowed under the bridge but Ravi isn't complaining. “I've not worked for money. But for the experience, my gain so far has been little. I've reduced the expenditure of the film by nearly 70 per cent and yet not compromised on the quality. MK can't go wrong.”

The early years were a struggle for Ravivarman, but today he's a happy man. “I never thought I would get this far in my career. Life's like a dream and it's magical.” Hopefully, Moscowvin Kaviri should help the magic spell continue!

Glitches haven't affected the end product. Moscowvin Kaviri can't go wrong

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