1. Name Gautam Vasudev Menon's production house.

2. Who is the paternal grandfather of upcoming Telugu star Naga Chaitanya?

3. Whose novel was adapted by Alfred Hitchcock as Psycho?

4. Which studio, known for the 1915 Charlie Chaplin comedies, was founded by in Chicago by George K. Spoor and Gilbert M. Anderson?

5. Vellanakalude Nadu has been remade in Hindi as….?

6. Which legendary percussionist's son, a star performer in his own right, made his film composing debut with Vennila Kabadi Kuzhu?

7. Diya and Dev are the progeny of which star couple?

8. For which film did Agathiyan win the National Award for Best Director?

9. Which 1972 disaster flick, parts of which were filmed aboard the RMS Queen Mary, starred Academy Award winners like Shelley Winters, Gene Hackman and Ernest Borgnine?

10. In film-making economics, what are ‘rentals'?

1. Photon Kathaas.

2. Akkineni Nageshwara Rao.

3. Robert Bloch.

4. Essanay Studios.

5. Khatta Meetha.

6. Selvaganesh, son of Vikku Vinayakaram.

7. Suriya and Jyothika.

8. Kaadhal Kottai.

9. The Poseidon Adventure.

10. The portion of film grosses that goes to film distributors.

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