What is the meaning of "euthanasia"? How is the word pronounced?

(M. Munavar Basha, Chennai)

The "euth" is pronounced like the word "youth", while the "a" in the second and fourth syllable sound like the "a" in "China". The second "a" sounds like the "ay" in "say", "way", and "pay", while the "s" is like the "s" in "measure", "treasure", and "pleasure". The main stress is on the third syllable "na". This is one of the ways of pronouncing the word.

The practice of killing someone who is very ill without causing the individual any pain is called euthanasia. It is usually done in order to reduce the suffering of an individual or an animal. The term that is normally used is "mercy killing". When the sick person requests to be killed, it is called "voluntary euthanasia". Here are a few examples.

* Many people think that people should have the right to euthanasia.* My pet dog was in bad shape, and the vet suggested euthanasia.


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