Short stories


IPPADIKKU INDIA: Pa. Pugazhendi; Sri Jambakaa Pathippagam, Old NO. 24, Krishna Street, Pondy Bazaar, T. Nagar, Chennai-600017. Rs. 35.

WITH THIS anthology of 12 short stories Pugazhendi has scored a hat trick having already made the grade with two significant collections earlier.

The title story visualises an ideal bank management to assess both the qualitative and quantitative work done by each member of the staff with strict adherence to the rules of discipline as in military service.

"Oru Sarivikkuppin" gives the message, loud and clear, that all hate campaigns being carried on by a huge following will come to nought with the pragmatic approach of the rising generation. "Vidiyalukku Appaal" questions the extravagance of the inauguration of a subway by a minister with scant regard to the taxpayer's money.

A spinster's total involvement in social service is pictured in "Arumbugal". The rest of the storylines are: filial duty; political influence of an alcoholic; rampant corruption; a son's ingratitude; the plight of a grandmother; poignant memory of an ill-fated beauty; the reward for honesty; and a dutiful son who could not fault his beloved mother on what transpired overnight. K.S. Subramanian's foreword reveals the mind of a connoisseur.


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