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VAANPUKAZH KONDA VALLUVAM: M. Karunanidhi; Thirumagal Nilayam, New No 16, Venkatanarayana Road, T. Nagar, Chennai-600017. Rs. 250.

THIS BOOK is an excellent introduction to the great literary work, Thirukkural. It is free from any religious influence and therefore it can legitimately be called a secular literature. Because of its secular nature, almost all major religions hailed the work and held its author Thiruvalluvar in high esteem.

The author of this book under review, M. Karunanidhi is associated with Thirukkural for more than 60 years. In the history of Tamil, Thirukkural never enjoyed such patronage and warm reception from the government and the people of Tamil Nadu as it does now for the past seven or eight decades. In this regard the major credit goes to

M.Karunanidhi who had been studying and propagating Thirukkural with ardent love and sincerity.

Out of his love and reverence for Thiruvalluvar he has brought out this novel work most impressively.

In this volume the author has chosen 108 kural (couplet) verses for his treatment, one verse from each `Athikaram' of the first two books namely, `Araththuppal' and `Porutpal'. Each chapter begins with a description of an idea or an event that may be social, political, cultural or literary, and the couplet is quoted as a point of reference, which is followed by a paraphrase in contemporary Tamil. This is a novel technique carefully employed by the author most successfully.

Any reader while going through this work will realise and appreciate the relevance of Thirukkural in day-to-day life even in modern times.

The work has a significant place in the area of Thirukkural studies. It is a welcome addition to the field of Tamil literature and culture.

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