Indian art and culture


BHARTIYA KALA AUR SANSKRITI: Bhagawati Lal Rajpurohit; Shivalik Prakashan, 27/16, Shaktinagar, New Delhi-110007. Rs. 695.

THIS BOOK gives an in-depth study on the rich Indian art and culture. The author has chalked out the influence of western architecture and culture in shaping and influencing Indian culture.

It is broadly divided into three parts. The first outlines the origin of arts and its various forms including the ancient ones covering specific details on the monuments and sculptures from different periods of history. It also gives the influences of arts, monuments and architecture from other cultures and religions.

The second part in 30 chapters deals with environment especially with respect to Nature such as the Earth, sun, moon, earthquakes, mountains, cyclones, forest and caves. He has highlighted the rich archaeological background of Madhya Pradesh and addresses the ecosystems of the environment.

The third part is about our culture which includes a picturesque description of the unique places.


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