Fiction anthology

V. Gopalakrishna

KATHA VARSHA: Prema Bhat; Sri Prema Sai Prakashana, No.845, 4th Main Road, Vijayanagar, Bangalore-560040. Rs. 800.

A COLLECTION of 365 short stories authored by a single writer and brought out in a bulky volume is probably unique in any of the Indian languages. This great work of Prema Bhat in creative writing will remain a milestone forever. This large book is the consolidation of all the stories written and published earlier in magazines.

They portray several facets of middle-class families of rural and urban background. The change of lifestyle in accordance with modern trends, values of life and so on are clearly brought out in a simple and direct narration.

While dealing with rural life the author delineates agricultural and social aspects especially of the Western coast, and also brings forward many problems of women in the social set-up of the joint families as well as their working conditions.

The stories contain a variety of themes all expressed with an integrated experience of life. Regional and social dialects in their simplest forms keep the spirit of the native language intact.

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