Facets of national education policy

EDUCATIONAL POLICIES IN INDIA — Analysis and Review of Promise and Performance: K. Sudha Rao — Editor; Published by the National Institute of Educational

Planning and Administration, 17-B, Sri Aurobindo Marg, New Delhi-110016. Rs.600.

THE BOOK under review is mainly a collection of papers from eminent experts and planners on the various facets of the National Policy on Education (NPE). The 26 chapters organised under three sections delineate in a fairly thorough fashion the wonderful mosaic with its inherent contradictions. K. Sudha Rao with her long experience in the field presents a comprehensive picture of the scene in the first section "NPE: The Profile".

The sectoral scenario of NPE is given in section II, which has nine chapters. Herein figure topics such as vocationalisation of education, policy issues in secondary education, access, equity and equality with focus on Scheduled Castes and Tribes and girls. The chapter "Open learning and distance education" by V.S. Prasad throws up interesting questions.

Section III, with 16 chapters, portrays the further dimensions of the NPE. Several crucial issues like funding of higher education, staff development and teacher training, guidance and counselling, women's education are all included here.

In his foreword, the Deputy Chairman, Union Planning Commission, K.C. Pant, hopes that the compilation will "facilitate laying down the roadmap for the education sector to develop in tune with the changing times, emerging challenges and the needs of future generations of our country".

On the whole, the book will be of value to all those interested in the future of education in India.


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