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MRUTYORMA AMRUTAMGAMAYA: Sri Sarvari; Pub. by Master Yogashram, Plot No. 80, Yogalaya, Krishna Enclave, MD Farm Road, Tirumalgiri, Secunderabad-500015. Rs. 60.

THIS BOOK has a well-meaning and high-sounding philosophical precept for its title which means "Lead us from death to that state of immortality" and slowly unveils the possibility of such an endeavour. Death has a meaning within the frame of life, but once the higher laws of nature are understood, the mysteries of life and death dissolve into oneness.

The locale the writer has selected for his narration is an ashram of a Guru who teaches more by example. He helps the disciples come to their own understanding of life, the riddles of life such as death, Self-realisation and enlightenment. The Guru has all sorts of disciples with him and teaches them without imposing his ideas or attempting to influence them by his thoughts.

Matters like the inner worlds of being, the gradation of subtler worlds, concept of celestial beings and their relationship with humanity, the very existence of God in form and Godhead are discussed lucidly and radically. The casual style adopted helps for a gradual understanding by the readers. Sufficient light is thrown on the distinctive characteristics of body, mind, life and consciousness.

A relative approach between the terms "Atma" and God is achieved. The teacher makes it clear to his inner circle that he had sufficiently touched the levels of divinity and so would encourage the spirit of inquiry in each one of them. Effort and behaviour patterns are juxtaposed, the teaching moving towards the development in goodness in one and all.

The need for books of this tone and tenor is great now Whenpeople are turning towards a fresh approach to metaphysics and rituals.


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