Encyclopaedia of Indian philosophy



BHARATIYA-DARSHAN-BUHATKOSHA — Part-I: Acharya Bachhulal Awasthi; `Gyan' Sharada Publishing House, 40, Anand Nagar, Inderlok, Delhi-110035. Rs. 1500.

INDIAN PHILOSOPHY is vast and varied. Even when philosophers professed allegiance to the Vedas, it did not fetter the freedom of their speculative ventures. The Vedas could be cited to corroborate a wide diversity of views. Many epistemological, logical and even metaphysical doctrines have been debated. Indian philosophers do not seek to justify religious faith; philosophical wisdom itself is accorded the dignity of religious truth. Theory is not subordinated to practice; but theory itself is regarded as being supremely worthy.

In this context the present encyclopaedia assumes immense significance. The compiler is a well-known Sanskrit scholar with in-depth knowledge of various philosophical systems. So the encyclopaedia has been prepared with insight into the various philosophical terms.

It is not meaning alone but complete elaboration of the terms complete with comparisons and relevant excerpts that make the book unique for scholars.

An exhaustive bibliography and a list of terms associated with various philosophical thoughts make the book an invaluable reference source.