Disillusionment with rural life



MARMARA: Tilakanatha Manjeshwar; Sowmya Sanketha Prakasana, "Kruthi" Rajeevanagar, 80, B.B. Post, Parkala-576123, Udupi. Rs. 80.

THIS NOVEL drives home the clear message that agriculture is not a profitable career. Despite sincerity and determination to pursue farming career in the footsteps of his father in his native village Jattur, his son Giri who held a big post in Bangalore is disillusioned by the state of affairs in the village. When monsoon failed, the farm labourers were not keen to work and preferred construction work which was more lucrative and less strenuous.

After battling in vain Giri sells his land, house and other interests and eventually returns to Bangalore along with his aged mother and wife. This is the crux of the novel which appeared as a serial in the weekly "Taranga".

C. N. Ramachandran has written an interesting forward, suggesting a few subjects which could be focussed in future novels by the author.


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