Commentary in translation


BRAHMA SUTRA SANKARA BHASYAM — Part I: Tamil translation by Brahmasri Kadalangudi Natesa Sastrigal; Kadalangudi Publications, 38, Natesa Iyer Street, T. Nagar, Chennai-600017. Rs. 400.

THIS PUBLICATION is a Tamil translation of Sankara’s commentary on the Brahma Sutras and is confined to the first “Samanvaya Adhyaya”.

This book includes Vaiyasika Nyayamala of Vidyaranya, which supplements and enriches the commentary. The contribution of Vidyaranya to Advaita is prolific and rivals that of Sankara.

This detailed translation by an experienced and erudite scholar explains important concepts in the aphorisms. He has delved deep into the esoteric implications embedded in them and expounded them in clear terms for the seeker to progress in his inquiry into the Upanishads.

As is the case with any commentary, this translation also needs to be read and mulled over to grasp the intended import. As mentioned in the preface by the author, a study of this translation alone will not suffice to comprehend the deeply inlaid concepts. One has to study other companion texts and commentaries.

The introduction contains arguments regarding Vedic studies in the pre- and post-Mahabharata period. These throw up matters for a separate treatise as they have a socio-spiritual dimension.

An excellent addition to the corpus of the extant literature on Advaita.

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