About joint families


HOME: Manju Kapur in English; Translated by Jibu Jamal in Malayalam; DC Books, DC Kizhakemuri Edam, Good Shepherd Street, Kottayam-686001. Rs 165.

THE JOINT family system and the complex situations that arise from it have been forcefully brought out in many novels written in different regional languages of India. This Anglo-Indian novel originally written in English is also about home and joint family. Compared to men, women — especially Indian women — are not only more conversant with the happenings in a home but they also feel quite at home with them . And Manju Kapur deals with this topic expertly as well as interestingly in this novel. The story of three generations starting with a textile businessman, Banvari lal who migrated from Lahore to Delhi at the time of Partition with his wife, two sons and a daughter and built up his home through his hard work is portrayed meticulously in this novel. The family has a natural urge to develop its business and improve its financial position. Naturally men are in the forefront, although these days women are also in the field by compulsion or for some other reason. Despite living in the ultra modern city of Delhi , womenfolk are keen on upholding the rituals and religious practices. The Malayalam version is readable and the translator has succeeded in bringing out the flavour of the original.

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