Wipro GE unit's feat

BANGALORE DEC. 27. Wipro GE Medical Systems, the joint venture between GE Medical Systems and Wipro Corporation, expects to touch Rs. 900 crores in turnover for the calendar year 2001 (January-December). Of this, exports would amount to Rs. 250 crores and domestic sales Rs. 650 crores, with a growth rate of 30 per cent. Wipro GE had registered a turnover of Rs. 600 crores last year. Interestingly, these statistics have taken Wipro GE closer to its target of being a $1 billion company by 2005.

Incidentally, the company's critical care division of ECGs and feutal monitors crossed Rs. 100 crores in exports, in one year since the inception of the product line last year. To commemorate this milestone, and the launch of the MAC 1200 ECG equipment, Wipro GE Medical Systems held a conference at its manufacturing facility in Bangalore today.

``Wipro GE has a vital role in Wipro's roadmap for the future. Sourcing components at best costs, ability to manage obsolescence and strong interface between customers and end products will enable hardware companies to achieve higher targets,''Mr. Azim. H. Premji, Chairman, board of directors, Wipro GE, and Chairman, Wipro Corporation, told The Hindu. At present, Wipro GE has a 38 per cent share in the $350 million Indian medical equipment market.